Monday, February 7, 2011

Just how i like them.

 The start of our weekend began just how a Miami weekend should. Miami once again was back to its normal temperature high 80's with a clear ,and sunny sky. On Friday it was Johnny's Moms birthday ,and we spent it at her house celebrating ,and eating extremely yummy food. Like always theres music in the air and warm food in my tummy.
I've know this lady for the last 10 years of my life ,and she is truly an amazing mother, wife,friend,and mother in law. I'm so grateful to have been blessed with such beautiful in laws.

Saturday morning came and the hunny had to go to work ,and i had to get  my bi-weekly pampering. Saturday afternoon wasn't eventful at all and that was perfect. i absolutely had nothing to do until later in the day so all i did was lounge with me and the pup. later in the evening we had a baby shower. not your typical baby shower which i loved. This baby shower consisted of lots of laughter ,music,food, and NO GAMES! it was the best baby shower Ive been to. I'm not your typical traditional type of gal ,and do not like the typical only girl baby showers. I feel that baby showers shouldn't be for women only it should be open to men too. they are the ones that help make the babies so why not. another thing i loved about this baby shower was the stations where you design baby onesies. i looooooooooved the idea. you have memory of your guests ,and the baby can rock different designs that I'm sure other babies out there will no be rocking. Saturday night ended beautifully ,and we heading home even talking about our own future baby shower. ( I'm smelling kids in the near future.)

Sunday morning came with a fantastic wake up call.... a wet warm wake up call.....

Retro as always woke me up .... he loves jumping on our bed in the weekend and lounging with us. he gets comfortable ,and cozy between us and stays there like if he owns the bed. he makes all my weekend morning worth waking up to. Sunday was a very,very,very,very relaxing day.... woke up to whatever time we wanted ,did grocery shopping,went to see my soon to be mini ,ate dinner at long horn ( man that place is soooooooo yummy. never been and loved it) ,and went home to watch some good ol mindless TV. it was a perfect ending to a perfect weekend. i cant wait for this weekend to do the same all over again minus the baby shower... just us this weekend..... we don't celebrate valentines day because we believe every day should be valentines day ,but we are going to celebrate us with alone time which i love. i hope cinebistro is in our weekend future.

Hasta luego!!!!

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