Sunday, December 25, 2011

Recording memories

Felt baby's first kick tonight!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

3 months

I made it !!!! 3 months pregnant and I couldn't be happier.

My gummy bear is not even out yet and he/she is already making changes to my life.

Lately I've had an increase in worrying . I've becomes such a crazy worried women that I don't knot what to do with myself! I wonder if this is normal or it's just life preparing me for whats to come.I need to get a hold of my
Mind and make it stop when it goes far beyond the normal worry feeling.

I've had no major symptoms... My belly is growing but not at a crazy fast rate.
But it's growing.

My unny is still in lala land ... The land of I know I'm having a kid but it hasn't really hit me yet. He's been kissing the belly more often an I just think its the cutest thing the world. Ive been singing loud for my gummy bear and wondering it could hear me. The family gets more excited each time I send them updated gummy bear pictures. Now we are counting down to the day we know what you are. So we can give you a name although I'll still be calling you my gummy bear.

This weekend it was popas bday early celebration and like every year I blind folded him. I've been doing this for the last 7 years and I don't believe there's an end in sight. I love surprising your popa and soon I'll be surprising you all the time. Your probably going to get tired of it but in the end you and
Popa will love it!

I feel a birthday is a wonderful celebration and should be celebrated every year in a big way. If popa wasn't born then I wouldn't have him so why not celebrate the man of my dreams life. Gummy bear your going to love your popa... Hes so funny and lovable that there's no reason not to love him. We are so lucky to have him.

Well here are some pictures of popas celebration.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend

Locations: Melbourne,Fl & Savannah,Ga
We had a hella of a good time!
We cannot wait till our next trip!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pregnancy hormones or real life ???

Lately I've been having some battles with myself... Is it my hormones or am Is this real?... Feelings of insecurity about my personal life ... Since finding out I was pregnant I felt completely different not myself at all... Well let me take it back to before the pregnancy . I remember through out my college life I knew what I wanted and I had all these plans to make it . Possibly move to another state ... Move out by myself .. Live the life I felt I always wanted to live. I knew and understood my feelings. I loved me for I was ... I took care of myself. Now fast forward to today and all those same feelings I have no idea where they went . Here I am married and pregnant. New set of ideas and feelings are coming into play. I no longer understand my feelings .. Have no Idea what is
Going on with my emotions. I no longer know what I want in my future. All I know is that I now have been sharing a life with some one
And will be sharing it with another one. I didn't know how much one would change once you start living with
Some one.dont get me wrong being married is amazing... But I'm no longer myself and I've become another person. With other ideas that are not
My own and when I do have an
Idea it's changed by that other individual. Why is it changed well because now I have to consider what they think and feel .
I've been stuck lately feeling completely alone and super confused. Now this is where I struggle is this just my hormones talking or is this how I really feel?
I don't feel the confidence that I use to have... I'm not communicating that well with my feelings and it's simply because I don't understand them. I feel everything is blurry and flying by. Im struggling with myself and I want it to stop. I want to get my old self back. That feeling that I could do anything i wanted and it was ok because I wanted it. I want to have conversations like I use to have not feel so mundane. I once again want to take care of myself and feel like I am some body again. I feel so empty and I have no idea why.
I wonder if I'll feel more confused as my pregnancy keeps moving forward or will I feel this even after I have my kid? All I know something needs to change and it can't be me anymore.


Friday, October 28, 2011

My little grain of rice

Today was drs appointment day!!!!!!!!

A heart bean was seen. Beating at 112 which is great!

Ok so that whole excitement of seeing an ultra sound I never understood but let me just say now I get it. When the technician said " I see a heart beat" my heart nearly dropped. I was smiling from ear to ear. Right away I wished daddy was there to experience that moment but I knew there will be other great moments to come. Dr said everything looks great and healthy. I'm so happy about all this i can't believe I'm going to be a Moma. Today it felt more real after seeing its heart beat it was gorgeous and right away I was inl love ...

I'm at 6 weeks
Feeling super tired... Nauseous ... And everything smells bad and food is not that enjoyable.
I have a pouch ( yes at 6 weeks)

Well here's a picture of my little grain of rice.

Happy Halloween weekend!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hellllo Monday!!!

To my little sac of love

Moma and popa went to Drs appt this past week and it confirmed i am 5 wks according to the ultra sound... I got to see you my little sac of love ... You were a wbig sac so I hope that's good... You have not given me any extreme symptoms yet ... I am feeling extra super duper tired... Bedtime for me is heaven! Daddy is getting more excited ... You've received more gifts this weekend from people that are already crazy about you .... Moma is getting more cravings and that's alright with popa. He's watching his weight... This Friday I'll get to see you again ... I'm praying we can see your heartbeating... I'm so excited and extremely happy!
We had a pumpkin carving event at grandmas house and every one was asking about you ...daddy carved an awesome pumpkin with Michael Myers face on it. We are getting the house ready... Fixing it to look nice for our soon to be little family.

Love you
Your Moma

Monday, October 17, 2011

Oh time... Can you just freeze for a sec

Johnny and finally celebrated our one year wedding anniversary back on october 1 st... We went to key largo for 5 glorious days and it was wonderful.... Wish I can go every weekend.

After we came back from the keys .. We started working on our home.thanks to our HOA they forced us to fix our front yard. If we didn't we would get fined. Well I like today thank you to my pesky HOA for moving us along to fix it. Our yard looks great and just on time for some great news

Last week we found out we are going to become a moma and popa in 2012!!!!! We are so excited!!!! We finally told our family and our closest friends... Everyone some how was like I KNEW IT! I'm really early in my pregnancy so no way of noticing but they knew it. While we were in the keys my grandmother called and said she had a dream she saw me with a big belly so she was the first one to know.

We can't wait for this wonderful journey.

Baby P:
Hi my sesame seed...I'm only 5 weeks and super excited to meet you and feel you. So far ive had minimal symptoms but I know your in there. You've been good to me so far ....only bloating and cramps but thats ok it just reminds me your there.Your daddy is super calm and he is constantly rubbing my belly. Retro has been acting like a baby. He's so cute and alot calmer your going to love him. Friday I'll get to hear you and see you.. And I'm so excited/ nervous. Everyone is super happy to have you in their lives.... Your grandparents are super shocked and have already started buying you things. It's not too soon for them. Our extended family is already nuts about you. We are so happy've already changed our lives forever.

Big kisses
Your moma!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Let the good times roll......

I've been terrible at blogging.... It's been months since my last post and now the blogging bug is knocking at my door again ( if that makes sense) ....

Life since my last post has been FUN-tactic... I've changed jobs once more finally working for a wonderful company ...that gives great benefits , provides a stable pay check,and a routine. I've never been one to like routine... I love it when random pays me a visit.... Well this job has a routine ,and I looooove it. ... I'm not sure if it's the pay check or what I'm doing but any whoo I L O V E my job!

Johnny and I have started to once again care about our home...the last time we cared about it was when we bought it....then came engagement ...then wedding and through all that time our new home has been standing still. Finally our interior decorator has woken up ,and is inspiring us to fix fix fix our home. first in the list.... French doors ooooooyeeeeaaa.... Man oh man I cannot wait to take my curtains Down.... No. More curtains after those puppies are put up.... The hubster Nd I love when we can open the blinds. We feel enclosed with curtains. Gives us about 3 months and enclosed we will not be.

Ah yess.... We enjoying our Minnie (mini) ...she's a dream of a carrito... I love driving her to the beach... my moms that girl knows how to play good music...the tunes that comes of her wonderful equipped speaker are heaven in our ears.

There has been lots of celebration this last few weeks.... All I have to say is that august was the month that everyone decided to be born in.... Each single weekend in august has been booked...has or will be celebrated and it will end with the best festivities of all my birthday!!!! Where have the years gone???? I can still remember my 15s birthdAy.... This year I'm turning 26 ....yikes!!! I'll blog about my big day soon...the hubster has plans but I do not know about them sooo that makes me one excited wifey!!!!! So until then I will leAve with a thank you big man up there for protecting us ,and blessing us.

<3 razz

Waiiiit the most amazing thing was that the bro had his baby!!! Yes mr. Noah kai was born late July and has completely blessed the extended family. He is one cute little man...and he has two exceptional parents

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fathers Day Weekend 2011

This Fathers day weekend i had to work. I had a wedding to coordinate on Saturday. This upcoming Saturday will be my last wedding to coordinate with the company I'm working for ,and ill be going out with a BANG! the wedding is 205 guests ,and two different locations for ceremony ,and reception. WoooHOO!!! then its back to not working weekends. Ive missed my weekends ,and cant wait to have them back. Back to this weekend... so i had to work all day Saturday ,and slept almost all day Sunday ( Fathers Day) . On Sunday Popa and i went to visit his dad for fathers day,and give him his gift. We spent all day with the in laws.

This fathers day i did not spend it with my dad. i called him to wish a happy papito day ,but did not pick up. he was probably working I'm guessing.  any who i haven't had a fathers day with my dad well i can't remember the last time i had one. sometimes i wonder if i would be different if i did have a good relationship with my dad? but i cant think about that too much it will torment me at nights. i already suffer from anxiety which keeps me up late night. although this fathers day i did not spend it with my dad i was able to spend it with my popas dad ,and new family.

There's a Spanish saying that holds lots truth to it.

"Padre es el que cria, no el que engendra"

My Momma has been my Daddy for the Last 20 years of my life ,and to her i wish her a Very Happy Fathers Day!

                                                              ( My Popa & I at the Keys )

                                                                Cheers to Happy Fathers
                                                                Cheers to Single Mothers
                                                                Cheers to Love!
                                                                      <3 Razz

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Relaxation is needed for Sanity

Some-time we work so hard ,and dont play enough . We work work work ,and dont rest enough. its super important for the mind to rest ,and relax.  Finally i got the chance to relax for the weekend. That means my day was scheduled to lounge by the beach and pool ,drink,and eat thats exactly what i did!!! oh the biggest part of my relaxation this weekend was NO PHONE insight! i did have my phone strapped on my hip at ALL. i left it in the room ,and forgot about it. i needed to disconnect myself from the world at least for the weekend. it felt so nice to not have it on my ear the whole time , to not feel stressed or anxious. im a normal worry worm which this weekend i was not. This past weekend i went with my hunny ,and two amazing couples to paradise. Which i did not know that Paradise was only an hr and half away. We went to Key Largo,FL ,and stayed in the most relaxing hotel in the world Key Largo Grande. it was truly such an amazing hotel. The weather was perfection , the ocean was calm ,and the barracudas were every where. i cant wait to go back ,and relax again away from the chaos we call cell phones.

                                                           ( The boys planked )
                                                         ( The Ladies Planked)

                                                     ( i ate a whole fish for the first time in my life)

                                                                     Cheers to Relaxation
                                                                      Cheers to Life
                                                          Cheers to Disconnection from Cell Phones

<3 Razz