Thursday, August 18, 2011

Let the good times roll......

I've been terrible at blogging.... It's been months since my last post and now the blogging bug is knocking at my door again ( if that makes sense) ....

Life since my last post has been FUN-tactic... I've changed jobs once more finally working for a wonderful company ...that gives great benefits , provides a stable pay check,and a routine. I've never been one to like routine... I love it when random pays me a visit.... Well this job has a routine ,and I looooove it. ... I'm not sure if it's the pay check or what I'm doing but any whoo I L O V E my job!

Johnny and I have started to once again care about our home...the last time we cared about it was when we bought it....then came engagement ...then wedding and through all that time our new home has been standing still. Finally our interior decorator has woken up ,and is inspiring us to fix fix fix our home. first in the list.... French doors ooooooyeeeeaaa.... Man oh man I cannot wait to take my curtains Down.... No. More curtains after those puppies are put up.... The hubster Nd I love when we can open the blinds. We feel enclosed with curtains. Gives us about 3 months and enclosed we will not be.

Ah yess.... We enjoying our Minnie (mini) ...she's a dream of a carrito... I love driving her to the beach... my moms that girl knows how to play good music...the tunes that comes of her wonderful equipped speaker are heaven in our ears.

There has been lots of celebration this last few weeks.... All I have to say is that august was the month that everyone decided to be born in.... Each single weekend in august has been booked...has or will be celebrated and it will end with the best festivities of all my birthday!!!! Where have the years gone???? I can still remember my 15s birthdAy.... This year I'm turning 26 ....yikes!!! I'll blog about my big day soon...the hubster has plans but I do not know about them sooo that makes me one excited wifey!!!!! So until then I will leAve with a thank you big man up there for protecting us ,and blessing us.

<3 razz

Waiiiit the most amazing thing was that the bro had his baby!!! Yes mr. Noah kai was born late July and has completely blessed the extended family. He is one cute little man...and he has two exceptional parents

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