Wednesday, April 4, 2012

March in photos

March was a a very good month to us. I hit a milestone in march . I am in my third trimester now. Not experiencing any crazy symptoms. Swollen feet have started to pay daily visits . Dr said our Lucy is doing great and growing strong. We ha our 3d ultra sound and let me just say I fell in love ten million times more with My Lucy.
Momma and poppa are super excited and are singing to Lucy everyday. Lucy is reacting more to her poppas voice . I'm happy to say poppa and Momma's love growing strong and it's high school butterflies all over again.

Nesting is no joke ! We have turned out little home upside down. We are finally giving ourselves space to move around when at the beginning of march we did not have any. I've been throwing out like a mad women and I seem to want everything brand spanking new! Oh not to mention I want to repaint our house which we just repainted in November. Nesting =insanity!

Well on to pictures!

Ps: iMac in may!!! I'm so excited !