Friday, October 28, 2011

My little grain of rice

Today was drs appointment day!!!!!!!!

A heart bean was seen. Beating at 112 which is great!

Ok so that whole excitement of seeing an ultra sound I never understood but let me just say now I get it. When the technician said " I see a heart beat" my heart nearly dropped. I was smiling from ear to ear. Right away I wished daddy was there to experience that moment but I knew there will be other great moments to come. Dr said everything looks great and healthy. I'm so happy about all this i can't believe I'm going to be a Moma. Today it felt more real after seeing its heart beat it was gorgeous and right away I was inl love ...

I'm at 6 weeks
Feeling super tired... Nauseous ... And everything smells bad and food is not that enjoyable.
I have a pouch ( yes at 6 weeks)

Well here's a picture of my little grain of rice.

Happy Halloween weekend!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hellllo Monday!!!

To my little sac of love

Moma and popa went to Drs appt this past week and it confirmed i am 5 wks according to the ultra sound... I got to see you my little sac of love ... You were a wbig sac so I hope that's good... You have not given me any extreme symptoms yet ... I am feeling extra super duper tired... Bedtime for me is heaven! Daddy is getting more excited ... You've received more gifts this weekend from people that are already crazy about you .... Moma is getting more cravings and that's alright with popa. He's watching his weight... This Friday I'll get to see you again ... I'm praying we can see your heartbeating... I'm so excited and extremely happy!
We had a pumpkin carving event at grandmas house and every one was asking about you ...daddy carved an awesome pumpkin with Michael Myers face on it. We are getting the house ready... Fixing it to look nice for our soon to be little family.

Love you
Your Moma

Monday, October 17, 2011

Oh time... Can you just freeze for a sec

Johnny and finally celebrated our one year wedding anniversary back on october 1 st... We went to key largo for 5 glorious days and it was wonderful.... Wish I can go every weekend.

After we came back from the keys .. We started working on our home.thanks to our HOA they forced us to fix our front yard. If we didn't we would get fined. Well I like today thank you to my pesky HOA for moving us along to fix it. Our yard looks great and just on time for some great news

Last week we found out we are going to become a moma and popa in 2012!!!!! We are so excited!!!! We finally told our family and our closest friends... Everyone some how was like I KNEW IT! I'm really early in my pregnancy so no way of noticing but they knew it. While we were in the keys my grandmother called and said she had a dream she saw me with a big belly so she was the first one to know.

We can't wait for this wonderful journey.

Baby P:
Hi my sesame seed...I'm only 5 weeks and super excited to meet you and feel you. So far ive had minimal symptoms but I know your in there. You've been good to me so far ....only bloating and cramps but thats ok it just reminds me your there.Your daddy is super calm and he is constantly rubbing my belly. Retro has been acting like a baby. He's so cute and alot calmer your going to love him. Friday I'll get to hear you and see you.. And I'm so excited/ nervous. Everyone is super happy to have you in their lives.... Your grandparents are super shocked and have already started buying you things. It's not too soon for them. Our extended family is already nuts about you. We are so happy've already changed our lives forever.

Big kisses
Your moma!