Monday, October 24, 2011

Hellllo Monday!!!

To my little sac of love

Moma and popa went to Drs appt this past week and it confirmed i am 5 wks according to the ultra sound... I got to see you my little sac of love ... You were a wbig sac so I hope that's good... You have not given me any extreme symptoms yet ... I am feeling extra super duper tired... Bedtime for me is heaven! Daddy is getting more excited ... You've received more gifts this weekend from people that are already crazy about you .... Moma is getting more cravings and that's alright with popa. He's watching his weight... This Friday I'll get to see you again ... I'm praying we can see your heartbeating... I'm so excited and extremely happy!
We had a pumpkin carving event at grandmas house and every one was asking about you ...daddy carved an awesome pumpkin with Michael Myers face on it. We are getting the house ready... Fixing it to look nice for our soon to be little family.

Love you
Your Moma

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