Friday, December 31, 2010

Thank You 2010!!!!

2010 was truly a very blessing year. here's my small recap of this wonderful year.

in the beginning of the year we were able to visit Pittsburgh thanks to Johnnys job. Traveling is in our blood and we will be traveling even more for 2011. also in the beginning of the year we were searching for our wedding venue ,and designing our wedding. the start of 2010 when off without a hitch. it started  perfect!
in the middle of the year my bachelorette events started. i had bachelorette event each month till the last month before my wedding. We went to a drag queen show,had a passion party,went to trapeze school,took pole dancing class,went to the Bahamas ,and had your typical bachelorette event at a strip club. all in the name of fun .... all the girls had a blast ,and most of all i did too.... johnny had a few events as well for his bachelor... he had poker night,and Vegas. 

We got married after 5 years together ,and that's not counting our high schools years.... we finally got married on our 6yr anniversary 10-01-10..... i became a Plata! our wedding was amazing... it was filled with our personality ,and had lots love in the air. the dance floor was completely packed ,and the most important people in our lives were there to share this day with us. and the most important women in my life was there. my grandmother ...god blessed me with letting me have my grams there... and  continues to bless me with having her ...

we went on to our honeymoon ( mini-moon) we went to Disney with my cousins from Spain. we shared our mini moon with family. our big honeymoon will be in august 2011 in Hawaii... i cant wait! we were lucky enough to have a mini moon  in Disney Orlando, and in Halloween horror nights. we love our annual Halloween horror nights trip. 

 after we came back from our mini moon we had our cake top. we couldn't wait a whole year to freeze it and eat it. so we decided to eat right away. we didn't get to try it at our wedding anyways let alone eat at all so we ate our cake ,and shared it with our family. it was YUMMY!!!!

we has our annual pumpkin carving...not a lot of people were able to attend but the originals were. 4 years in a row ,and going strong...we had the honor to have baby Rosie to attend ,and make her own baby pumpkin.
Christmas came and Christmas left... we celebrated Christmas at the Lopez residence ,and had such a wonderful time. i finally lost weight ... i started this year very chunky ... I've lost a total of 10 pounds and will continue to loose weight.... my unny lost weight too.... it was cold in Miami ,and it made Christmas feel more like Christmas. we almost had snow (well little ice on my car) and now we just waiting to ring in 2011 tonight.
what a beautiful year....and many more to come ... I'm so grateful to have a wonderful family to be blessed with my new family. once again thank you 2010 for blessing us ,and continue to do so! 

                                                                 <3 Razz

Ps: one more thing .... the career i always wanted began this year... I'm officially a Wedding/Event planner .... i started on my own ,and now i work for a wonderful company and have met some wonderful brides. for 2011 i will have my own company...So look out world Im coming to plan your event!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December to Remember!

( a year ago i was engaged to this wonderful man ,and today I'm his wife!!!)

Yesterday was my hunnys birthday ,and the 25Th was our one year anniversary since our engagement. December is filled with many amazing celebrations. My hunny tuned 25 ,and looks more handsome everyday. usually for his birthday i go all out ... i always end up blind folding him for his birthday surprise and he always seems to fall for it every year. this year i we did go crazy for his birthday per his request. it was a mellow birthday with family just how he wanted it. cant believe how time is flying by ,and life is just truly amazing.

Monday, December 27, 2010

All I want for Christmas is you!

Christmas was lovely this year .... it was spent with family ,and with lots of love and laughter in the air. This Christmas i was a wife... when last Christmas i was a fiance. our first Christmas as newlyweds was Fantastic! i couldn't ask for a better Christmas. my grandmother was with us ,and she even danced. Thank you God for allowing us to have my grandmother another year. She was so happy ,and oh yea ... she was even drinking Whiskey! for the first time in my life we had a countdown for Christmas it felt like new years. I Loved it! new Plata tradition... it made the holiday that much more exciting...everyone gave each other kisses ,and hugs and wished each other a merry Christmas ,and after we passed out our gifts. we were up till 230am ,and i was ready to hit the sack. the next day we did NOTHING! if the platas knows how to do one thing its to do NOTHING. we were so pooped...even Retro was pooped poor thing.

We Got the courage to shower ,and head out the door to Johnny's parents house to open presents ,and drink Caldito ( its egg soup that my mother in law does and it taste delish) we opened more present ,and then just hung out. i was super duper tired and ready to go home again. i felt exhausted ,and super lazy. the 25Th we spent it at home with our little family ,and just watched Home Alone 2 ( it isn't Christmas till i watch Home Alone) the Holiday felt complete.

Sunday night we went to my cousins house that was throwing a surprise party for her mom. Theme: 50's ... super cute party whole family was there. Johnny and i haven't seen my family since our wedding so it was a pretty sweet party. This Christmas all i wanted was to be with my family didn't want gifts just wanted to be with all of them ,and that's exactly what i got. Beautiful Christmas spent with amazing people ,and especially my Husband!

Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.
~Peg Bracken
Ps: Miami & Broward County are under a Freeze watch .Freeze warning in effect from midnight tonight to 9 am est Tuesday.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh this is love!

"A woman knows the face of the man she loves like a sailor knows the open sea."
----Honoré de Balzac
oh this is love... its been a very busy around my house. with lots of working ,and many projects we just haven't caught a break. the little breaks that we do catch are spent in front of the TV watching netflix,and playing with retro ( our pup/son).Married life has truly been good to us. i cant believe we've only been married for two months it actually feels like a lifetime in the most blissful way possible. I'm so in love with my life ,and the above picture is what i cant wait to get home to. Oh this is love!