Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Slowly coming back!

The last time I wrote it was in the beginning of January and man was that not a good month for me. It was a hard month emotionally. Life some times throws you major obstacles I think to see how strong you are. Let me just say that I have no idea where my strength is from but I've learned that I'm unstoppable and no one I say no one will bring me down. Anywho .....

I threw out January to the vultures and started 2012 on February .

February has been a wonderful month and it's been full of wonderful surprises . I'm 6 months pregnant!!!!!!! And I cannot believe how time has been flying by. My gummy bear will be here in 3 months!!!!! I must say this cutie has blessed me with such an amazing pregnancy. No morning sickness... No over eating.... No bad moods... The only way I know I'm pregnant Is the bathroom trips... Growing belly... And random little jabs from my cutie. That's it and I'm so thankful that it's been that way.
soooo the big news in February has been.....
Welll.... In December we announced we were having a boy ... We went to our 20 wks appointment and they told us we are actually having a GIRL!!!!! I nearly fell off the ultra sound bed. I instantly began crying uncontrollably . Although I was accepting to whatever I was going to have ... I really really wanted a girl. I couldn't believe it and I still can't! I automatically knew her name and have never thought about it twice. She has been my strength through our these months... We are already major bffs and she has been a blessing in my life. Ms. Lucy is the apple of my eye and I cannot wait to meet her .

Daddy is finally in baby mode . I think he had a long time to process that he's going to be a daddy. Let's just say he is head over heals for Lucy too. We haven't started painting the room but her furniture has been picked and will be delivered soon.

We are over the moon with our Lucy !

Meet Lucy !!!!