Monday, March 14, 2011

Its HERE!!!!

My wedding video is here!.... we just got our wedding video ,and man did that take me back. i don't know if this weird ,but right after my wedding i couldn't remember too many things about my wedding. the day flew by ,and that affected my memory. i was only able to remember snippets. well now i am able to remember ,and go back to that day. i truly loooooooooved my wedding... it was amazing! everyone was in such a state of joy ,and all the people that i loved were in one room. 

 Johnny & I have been super duper busy!.... i haven't even been able to blog. for one I'm starting a new job! Yes! i jumped the line... i gave my 2weeks  at DG ,and will be working at a new company on the 21st . i will be making my own hours ,getting paid more, and working close to home. did i mention i don't have an office which is Fantastic. I'm not a person that belongs in the office. i love being out ,and not being stuck in an office. i always prayed for a job that allows me to be flexible with my time,doesn't have me cramped in an office ,and  get paid more. & i GOT IT!... i can still work as a wedding planner which is FANTASTIC! 
& hopefully i can do waaaaaaaaaay more blogging that i do now. 
 T-minus 4 days till i leave DG!

Cheers to new beginnings!
Cheers to flexible time!
Cheers to no more DG DRAMA!
<3 Razz

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Resignation doesnt mean end... its means new beginning!

Well ,i did it ! i accepted another jobs proposition. i will soon be leaving my safe haven called DG and will be venturing out to the WORLD! i will begin my new job in two weeks. even though I'm a huge advocate of change I'm also some what of a chicken. i love change... any change is great but  like with any change in life comes the nerves. i must admit i am definitely nervous as HELL!....
these are the reasons I'm nervous

One I'm nervous how I'm going to really like the job. although i am extremely about the new experience i still wonder if i will really like it. only time will tell.

two ill be leaving my little safe,normal,routines job for one that have no clue what to expect. yes i do know the job entails ,but i don't know how they will receive me.  i guess that's a norm feeling when it come time to change.

three I'm nervous of leaving my friends. man Ive had some good times in DG. i also feel i grew up in DG. DG has been the longest job Ive had. 3years and that's a long time for me.

this new job will require me to work hard ,and a lot. this job will also allow me to create my own schedule, allow me to have flexibility in my day, i will get paid more,but with more responsibilities.  its ok ... I'm ready for the challenge. I'm ready to see what new things i can learn from this job. its time for a change ,and I'm ready. i really am.... did i mention this job will also allow me to continue working in my second job.

this decision has also shown me how how much support i really do have. lots of people  have really shown their support towards my decision. I'm so grateful to have them in my life. 

T- Minus two weeks. 

Cheers to Finding new jobs!
Cheers to challenges in life!
Cheers to new wonderful experiences in life!

<3 Razz