Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jumping the line

                                                                        ( got the image from:  Happily Ever After)

i know what makes sense to me,but how do i get there. how do i jump the line from doing something i no longer have a passion for to something I'm crazy about. lately Ive been feel very mundane. Alarm Rings ,get up shower,get dressed,sit in traffic for an hr,and arrive to work. The next day its the same thing all over again. Ive lost any type of love i have for my current job. I'm sure if its the job that i am doing that's become so repetitive or that ive truly lost passion for it. one thing i do love about my job ,and that keeps me happy are my friends at work ,and my clients. all i think about is owning my event planning business. my heart is currently with my wedding clients ,and how i can help their event become the wedding of their dreams. how does one jump the line of comfortable to adventurous. i wish i was a little more adventurous. you know those people that say " screw this, I'm going to do what Ive been wanting to do all along" ,and they go out and open up the business they've always wanted and it turns out as a huge success. i want to be that person that went after her dreams and made it. but HOW DO I JUMP THAT LINE?.... I'm filled with fear ,and anxiety... that in itself doesn't allow me to go forth with my ideas,my vision. thankfully my love helps me through that he always encourages me with my ideas ,and tells me that i will get to that point where my job isn't a job ,but my career. that i will wake up in the morning and say " HELLO MORNING HOW NICE TO SEE YOU" not my usual " oh gosh! i wish it was still Sunday". i always told my self " Yasi , if you ever get to the point that your job becomes a total routine,and you hate waking up in the morning, and just thinking about work gives you depression YOU NEED TO CHANGE IT!" Ive reached that point.... i think its time for a change... and I'm definitely working towards that change. i might have to stay till i do ,but i know it will all be worth it.

So :
Cheers to Happy Jobs!
Cheers to Day Dreaming!
Cheers to Jumping the Line!

<3 Razz

Love Bugs!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Productive Tues.

(Lovely Files)

Today has been a very Productive day. lots of venting by my clients ,and lots of talking. days like this i just want to get home ,and not utter one single word. i talk so much through out the day that i get home ,and have no desire to make a peep. its hello to the hubby ,and vegetation in front of the TV watching mindless shows. the ones that you don't even have to think about whats going on because theres not much to think about. i love those shows that allow you to just sit and watch. no need to think about whats going on,why, or even stress about it. can't wait to get home and just sit there. but first some Cuban yummy food with the hunny.  

So :
Cheers to having a busy job!
Cheers to a wonderful Hunny!
Cheers to the yummy warm food that will be entering by belly in T-2hrs.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Morning Blues!

       This is how i felt this morning!... did not want to get out of my bed. My bed was too warm,comfortable ,and blissful to get up this morning. Mondays make it hard to get out of bed ,but it makes it even harder if you haven't slept ,and worked Sunday till 11pm.

These pretty new shoes worked likes crazy last night. First , i would like to say that although Sunday weddings are extremely inexpensive having a late Sunday wedding isn't too pleasant. don't get me wrong i love my job as a wedding planner you can see the event from the beginning turning into this glamorous happy event. however, working on a Sunday from 2pm till 11pm running around ,setting up, making sure things are all in order can be extremely tiring especially when you have to get up at 530am to go to work for a full straight 9hrs the next day. lets just say today my feet are dragging a little more than your normal Monday. my back ,and legs are aching as if i power walked a 5k. This evening my comfy bed and i will be having a wonderful meeting to talk about the sweet dreams i missed last night due to my adrenaline rush. Last night intervention was Tylenol Pm ,and that did not help at all. my mind was still racing as if i was still at the wedding.

Any ways the wedding took place at the Spanish Monastery ,and let me just say its was Gorgeous & Full of character. the Bride & Groom were truly amazing to work with ,and made the whole experience even more special. It was my first event at the Spanish Monastery ,and certainly not my last. There were candles everywhere ,and so much love in the air. it was a little  chilly in Miami last night but i didn't even feel it with all the running around i was doing to get ready. all in all -------it was a successful event that i was so proud to be part of  & help create. CHEERS To HAPPY WEDDINGS!
                            (Retro lil Man)
Now i just cant wait to get home to see that little man up there ,and my Sessy Hunk of a hubby right there -->

<3 Razz

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No such thing as Snow !

( a Piece of Miami Beach)
Today Miami was  finally 80 degrees while the rest of the US still had snow. There is no such thing as snow in Miami but we do have a bipolar climate. One day its in the 30's ( Beyond Freezing for us) ,and other days its in the 80's.  it was beautiful outside...sun was shinning...rain had gone by... and humidity was no where in sight. the humidity in Miami does not let you have a good hair day,and especially for curly hair ( like mine). but that hasn't been bothering me lately ... I've been rocking the i just woke up ,and do not care to brush curly hair look ,and i am loving it!.... another reason today is a great day .... my grams is doing better.... yes she still has Pneumonia however , doc says she is going to recover with the new meds they are giving her.  
Hip Hip Hooray!..
So cheers to a Fantastic Sunny Tuesday!


Monday, January 17, 2011

She's my Star!

My  Abuela (Grams) is my star... she has raised me and continues to take care of me as if i was still a child.
she is one spunky,strong, funny lady. Loves her whiskey from time to time (she says oh i want to celebrate) . two years ago she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer ,and was given only a year to live. however its been almost three years now ,and she is stronger than any one i know. some days prior to my wedding she wasnt feeling well ,and was using her walker. the day of my wedding she didnt want to take her walker she said "she is fine" ,and dam right she proved to us she was fine. i missed this part but i heard and saw pictures of her dancing down the isle as soon as the ceremony finished. she just shot up like a rocket of her seat and began to dance like no one was watching. the whole crowd went nuts,and all that was beaming out of her face was a huge smile. im so blessed to have her in my life. she picked me up from school ... took me to school,and one day even forgot to pick me up (it was early release ,and she didnt know) ( any one who meets her she tells them that scary story as she describes still gives her chills down her legs.) my grandmother never had any formal education. only made to the 4th grade and had to drop out to take care of her 13 brothers and sisters. she never knew how to spell or write ,but dam does that lady know how to school people on life. she didnt need to go to school to learn. i always love sitting with her and listening to her stories ,and listening to her laugh. i love how she laughs... its that type of laugh that gets super red to the face ,and fogets to breathe. she just cracks me up. makes the best arroz con she's in the hospital due to a flu according to the docs ,but she will come out of this one again like she always does. didnt go to work today to be with her and my mom .... heading back to the hospital.... thank goodness the hospital is literaly a block away from house. 
i thank my lucky stars every day for giving me such a wonderful grandmother...for blessing me ,and my family with such an amazing women in our lives. she's my star my everything ,and i cannot wait for her to meet her grandchildren.

<3 Razz