Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jumping the line

                                                                        ( got the image from:  Happily Ever After)

i know what makes sense to me,but how do i get there. how do i jump the line from doing something i no longer have a passion for to something I'm crazy about. lately Ive been feel very mundane. Alarm Rings ,get up shower,get dressed,sit in traffic for an hr,and arrive to work. The next day its the same thing all over again. Ive lost any type of love i have for my current job. I'm sure if its the job that i am doing that's become so repetitive or that ive truly lost passion for it. one thing i do love about my job ,and that keeps me happy are my friends at work ,and my clients. all i think about is owning my event planning business. my heart is currently with my wedding clients ,and how i can help their event become the wedding of their dreams. how does one jump the line of comfortable to adventurous. i wish i was a little more adventurous. you know those people that say " screw this, I'm going to do what Ive been wanting to do all along" ,and they go out and open up the business they've always wanted and it turns out as a huge success. i want to be that person that went after her dreams and made it. but HOW DO I JUMP THAT LINE?.... I'm filled with fear ,and anxiety... that in itself doesn't allow me to go forth with my ideas,my vision. thankfully my love helps me through that he always encourages me with my ideas ,and tells me that i will get to that point where my job isn't a job ,but my career. that i will wake up in the morning and say " HELLO MORNING HOW NICE TO SEE YOU" not my usual " oh gosh! i wish it was still Sunday". i always told my self " Yasi , if you ever get to the point that your job becomes a total routine,and you hate waking up in the morning, and just thinking about work gives you depression YOU NEED TO CHANGE IT!" Ive reached that point.... i think its time for a change... and I'm definitely working towards that change. i might have to stay till i do ,but i know it will all be worth it.

So :
Cheers to Happy Jobs!
Cheers to Day Dreaming!
Cheers to Jumping the Line!

<3 Razz

Love Bugs!

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  1. In times like this - hang in there until all your ducks are in a row and you can jump that line with confidence that you'll be doing what you love, and making enough to pay the bills plus enjoying life.

    Though I'd hate to see you go - let's face it - we're not gonna be here forever! LOL

    It is so important to do what you LOVE!! And you are lucky to have found that already. Some people go through most of their lives not having a clue. You sticking around for now does not mean you are not adventurous, you're being cautious...and that is ok....for now! Keep expanding your business and pretty soon, jumping that line will get much easier. At that point, just jump!

    Best wishes!!!