Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Morning Blues!

       This is how i felt this morning!... did not want to get out of my bed. My bed was too warm,comfortable ,and blissful to get up this morning. Mondays make it hard to get out of bed ,but it makes it even harder if you haven't slept ,and worked Sunday till 11pm.

These pretty new shoes worked likes crazy last night. First , i would like to say that although Sunday weddings are extremely inexpensive having a late Sunday wedding isn't too pleasant. don't get me wrong i love my job as a wedding planner you can see the event from the beginning turning into this glamorous happy event. however, working on a Sunday from 2pm till 11pm running around ,setting up, making sure things are all in order can be extremely tiring especially when you have to get up at 530am to go to work for a full straight 9hrs the next day. lets just say today my feet are dragging a little more than your normal Monday. my back ,and legs are aching as if i power walked a 5k. This evening my comfy bed and i will be having a wonderful meeting to talk about the sweet dreams i missed last night due to my adrenaline rush. Last night intervention was Tylenol Pm ,and that did not help at all. my mind was still racing as if i was still at the wedding.

Any ways the wedding took place at the Spanish Monastery ,and let me just say its was Gorgeous & Full of character. the Bride & Groom were truly amazing to work with ,and made the whole experience even more special. It was my first event at the Spanish Monastery ,and certainly not my last. There were candles everywhere ,and so much love in the air. it was a little  chilly in Miami last night but i didn't even feel it with all the running around i was doing to get ready. all in all -------it was a successful event that i was so proud to be part of  & help create. CHEERS To HAPPY WEDDINGS!
                            (Retro lil Man)
Now i just cant wait to get home to see that little man up there ,and my Sessy Hunk of a hubby right there -->

<3 Razz

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