Monday, January 17, 2011

She's my Star!

My  Abuela (Grams) is my star... she has raised me and continues to take care of me as if i was still a child.
she is one spunky,strong, funny lady. Loves her whiskey from time to time (she says oh i want to celebrate) . two years ago she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer ,and was given only a year to live. however its been almost three years now ,and she is stronger than any one i know. some days prior to my wedding she wasnt feeling well ,and was using her walker. the day of my wedding she didnt want to take her walker she said "she is fine" ,and dam right she proved to us she was fine. i missed this part but i heard and saw pictures of her dancing down the isle as soon as the ceremony finished. she just shot up like a rocket of her seat and began to dance like no one was watching. the whole crowd went nuts,and all that was beaming out of her face was a huge smile. im so blessed to have her in my life. she picked me up from school ... took me to school,and one day even forgot to pick me up (it was early release ,and she didnt know) ( any one who meets her she tells them that scary story as she describes still gives her chills down her legs.) my grandmother never had any formal education. only made to the 4th grade and had to drop out to take care of her 13 brothers and sisters. she never knew how to spell or write ,but dam does that lady know how to school people on life. she didnt need to go to school to learn. i always love sitting with her and listening to her stories ,and listening to her laugh. i love how she laughs... its that type of laugh that gets super red to the face ,and fogets to breathe. she just cracks me up. makes the best arroz con she's in the hospital due to a flu according to the docs ,but she will come out of this one again like she always does. didnt go to work today to be with her and my mom .... heading back to the hospital.... thank goodness the hospital is literaly a block away from house. 
i thank my lucky stars every day for giving me such a wonderful grandmother...for blessing me ,and my family with such an amazing women in our lives. she's my star my everything ,and i cannot wait for her to meet her grandchildren.

<3 Razz

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