Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No such thing as Snow !

( a Piece of Miami Beach)
Today Miami was  finally 80 degrees while the rest of the US still had snow. There is no such thing as snow in Miami but we do have a bipolar climate. One day its in the 30's ( Beyond Freezing for us) ,and other days its in the 80's.  it was beautiful outside...sun was shinning...rain had gone by... and humidity was no where in sight. the humidity in Miami does not let you have a good hair day,and especially for curly hair ( like mine). but that hasn't been bothering me lately ... I've been rocking the i just woke up ,and do not care to brush curly hair look ,and i am loving it!.... another reason today is a great day .... my grams is doing better.... yes she still has Pneumonia however , doc says she is going to recover with the new meds they are giving her.  
Hip Hip Hooray!..
So cheers to a Fantastic Sunny Tuesday!


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