Friday, October 28, 2011

My little grain of rice

Today was drs appointment day!!!!!!!!

A heart bean was seen. Beating at 112 which is great!

Ok so that whole excitement of seeing an ultra sound I never understood but let me just say now I get it. When the technician said " I see a heart beat" my heart nearly dropped. I was smiling from ear to ear. Right away I wished daddy was there to experience that moment but I knew there will be other great moments to come. Dr said everything looks great and healthy. I'm so happy about all this i can't believe I'm going to be a Moma. Today it felt more real after seeing its heart beat it was gorgeous and right away I was inl love ...

I'm at 6 weeks
Feeling super tired... Nauseous ... And everything smells bad and food is not that enjoyable.
I have a pouch ( yes at 6 weeks)

Well here's a picture of my little grain of rice.

Happy Halloween weekend!

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