Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Relaxation is needed for Sanity

Some-time we work so hard ,and dont play enough . We work work work ,and dont rest enough. its super important for the mind to rest ,and relax.  Finally i got the chance to relax for the weekend. That means my day was scheduled to lounge by the beach and pool ,drink,and eat thats exactly what i did!!! oh the biggest part of my relaxation this weekend was NO PHONE insight! i did have my phone strapped on my hip at ALL. i left it in the room ,and forgot about it. i needed to disconnect myself from the world at least for the weekend. it felt so nice to not have it on my ear the whole time , to not feel stressed or anxious. im a normal worry worm which this weekend i was not. This past weekend i went with my hunny ,and two amazing couples to paradise. Which i did not know that Paradise was only an hr and half away. We went to Key Largo,FL ,and stayed in the most relaxing hotel in the world Key Largo Grande. it was truly such an amazing hotel. The weather was perfection , the ocean was calm ,and the barracudas were every where. i cant wait to go back ,and relax again away from the chaos we call cell phones.

                                                           ( The boys planked )
                                                         ( The Ladies Planked)

                                                     ( i ate a whole fish for the first time in my life)

                                                                     Cheers to Relaxation
                                                                      Cheers to Life
                                                          Cheers to Disconnection from Cell Phones

<3 Razz

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