Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fathers Day Weekend 2011

This Fathers day weekend i had to work. I had a wedding to coordinate on Saturday. This upcoming Saturday will be my last wedding to coordinate with the company I'm working for ,and ill be going out with a BANG! the wedding is 205 guests ,and two different locations for ceremony ,and reception. WoooHOO!!! then its back to not working weekends. Ive missed my weekends ,and cant wait to have them back. Back to this weekend... so i had to work all day Saturday ,and slept almost all day Sunday ( Fathers Day) . On Sunday Popa and i went to visit his dad for fathers day,and give him his gift. We spent all day with the in laws.

This fathers day i did not spend it with my dad. i called him to wish a happy papito day ,but did not pick up. he was probably working I'm guessing.  any who i haven't had a fathers day with my dad well i can't remember the last time i had one. sometimes i wonder if i would be different if i did have a good relationship with my dad? but i cant think about that too much it will torment me at nights. i already suffer from anxiety which keeps me up late night. although this fathers day i did not spend it with my dad i was able to spend it with my popas dad ,and new family.

There's a Spanish saying that holds lots truth to it.

"Padre es el que cria, no el que engendra"

My Momma has been my Daddy for the Last 20 years of my life ,and to her i wish her a Very Happy Fathers Day!

                                                              ( My Popa & I at the Keys )

                                                                Cheers to Happy Fathers
                                                                Cheers to Single Mothers
                                                                Cheers to Love!
                                                                      <3 Razz

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  1. My momma's been the best dad a girl can have for 15 years now :) We're lucky to have such amazing women in our lives!