Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We got Dipped!

Two weeks ago Johnny & I had the privilege of working with a great photographer. Her name is Ms.Dipp ,and she is one talented photographer. She is also one of Johnny's closest friend sister. The Dipps ( that's their last name) are a Sister & Brother Duo. She shoots ,and he edits which is fantastic when you keep the business in the family. Although ,they are siblings they both have two wonderful different personalities that make any one that's around them smile ,and vibrate positive energy. They give such fantastic vibes during the shoot that make you feel comfortable ,and super sexy.

Ms.Dipp approached Johnny & I to do a photo shoot at Gold Coast Railroad Museum in Miami ,FL . We were very siked for this shoot. i was extra siked because she asked for me to bring my wedding dress ,and to be honest with you I've wanting to put that  beautiful dress on again. so I jumped on the ball ,and said YES! for the shoot.  Bellow are some  photos that she sent me ... they were teasers because i cannot wait to see the rest!


                           ( so i truly have an obsession with my dress. i have to wear that puppy again ,and rock another shoot with it)

Johnny and i definitely enjoyed getting Dipped ,and cannot wait for the next one.

                                                            Cheers to Couples Shoots
Cheers to Beautiful Wedding Dresses!
Cheers to Fantastic Photographers!

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