Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines weekend

So i d/l this app on my phone that allows me to blog anywhere and everywhere. Johnny and i are currently watching the Grammy relaxing after a wonderful weekend. This weekend was fantastic! Friday started off with a celebration. It was my best friends mom birthday ,and all my moms best friends were there. Its super cute to see how they are all still best friends after 20yrs,and after living separately for so long never loosing touch. Now that is true friendship.

Saturday was a pretty busy day for me and johnny.we went to mini to order my mini countryman. I'm one month away from being a mini cooper owner,and im sooooooooo excited! We had to special order it because we had so much custom things to add to it. After that i had to go meet one of my brides for her final walk through. I love all my brides,but this young lady really out does herself. She is by far my favorite bride up to date. On Saturday night johnny and i went to the  church fair with the Britos by my mom in laws house. I love church fairs especially all the yummy food...i think that's the only reason i go. In this fair they had all different types of food from all different Latin countries. But my favorite of the night wasn't the Latin food it was the infamous fair Elephant Ears! Omg! To die for! My mouth waters every time i think of it. Saturday ended with Miami weather @ 58 and great friends.

<3 Church fair Love <3

 ( The Britos)

Sunday came ,and we've done absolutely NOTHING!... eat,and vegetate in-front of the TV. The Grammy are currently on ,and by far Bruno mars doowop performance is my favorite. That kid should've been born back in the days cause he sure has that style. So now i must leave and continue cuddling with my unny .

Cheers to church fairs!
Cheers to valentines day being everyday!
Cheers to relaxation!
<3 Razz

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