Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monopoly kinda weekend!

The last weekend of February was a delight. 

i had a wedding at the Spanish Monastery in North Miami Beach. This place is very popular for weddings. Lots of Bride fall in love with the space ,and dream of a super romantic wedding there. The Spanish Monastery is truly a very romantic wedding space. My Bride & Groom were a delight to work with. They made my job very easy ,and i was so happy to be their wedding coordinator. Couples like them make my job that much better ,and are constant reminders to why i love working in this field. I ended my Friday feeling more confident ,and sure that this is what i am suppose to do. Can't wait for next Saturdays Wedding!

Johnny & I had it off from work. Man i can get use to that! Johnny & i woke up to our own internal alarm clock ,and with out a rush in the world. we started our Saturday with a fantastic breakfast made by my beloved unny ,and started getting ready for another Baby Shower.Lately we no longer get invited to house parties or weddings the latest party theme is Baby Showers.This baby shower was a block away from our home ,and in the park. Johnnys cousins baby shower to be exact. Its was a normal baby shower with baby games ,and lots of party food. ( i don't know why i go crazy when I'm at party ... i eat like if i haven't eaten in years) . The baby shower was fun ,but we had to leave early to set up for our own little party at home. Game night to be exact. 

johnny and i hosted a small game night with some of the co-workers ( well they are more friends than just co-workers) we played Taboo, Cranium,and Monopoly. now let me start of that i wasn't a lover of monopoly until last night. i guess it depends who you play with. Johnny on the other hand CRAZY about monopoly. i am now a lover of monopoly ,and i do admit at first i thought monopoly was hella boring ,but afterwards its was super fun buying lots of property ,and enjoying when i can to take other players money for rent. the night started at 8pm ,and we ended up playing monopoly for 4hrs till 3am. Loved it! we had such a wonderful time and i cant wait for the next game night. The night was truly a success. 

 Johnny of course beat us all by buying lots of hotels ,and charging us crazy money for Rent. johnny is still gloating how he knew he was going to beat every one. That's how obsessed the boy is!. Even Retro was is all the fun which he filled the night with lots of aggressive barking every time some one would scream or make any sudden movement. which is later ( thank goodness) tired himself out. 

waking up at 1pm ,and still lounging in bed blogging,youtubing,facebooking,and vegetating. we haven't moved from our bed ,and don't intend to at any near point. so HAPPY WEEKEND!

Cheers to a wonderful February!
Cheers to Monopoly!
Cheers to A comfy Bed!
<3 Razz

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