Thursday, September 2, 2010

18 days left

Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us.

John N. Mitchell

The time is almost near and it still hasn't hit me yet. I'm not in denial ... I'm just enjoying all the planning ,and being preoccupied with it. For the next two weeks its finalizing ,and preparing for the big day. we have our marriage license,and we have our outfits completed. more and more each day I'm looking at marriage as a whole new chapter in my life (even if we have been living together for the past year). Its a new Yasi with new values , different priorities ,and a whole new last name. Yes! I'm changing my last name ,and what a challenge has that been to come to that conclusion. Ive been grieving the change of my last name since the day i said yes!. its not that i do not want to be Mrs. Plata... its just a Huge change. and a part of me thought that my individuality was gone out the window once i changed it. But its not... i don't plan to change myself ... i just plan to change my last name,and my title as a wife not a Girlfriend.

Mrs. Plata is not only going to incorporate my new life ,but my old life too. Ive come to the idea that Plata is just a last name. it makes johnny and i a family. the beginning of our own family. And I'm alright with that. I'll still be me , act the same way, talk the same way, and even Bitch the same way. I'm excited to change my last name ,and begin this new chapter. A new life with the man Ive always dreamed about ,and has been my rock, best friend ,lover, and sanity since the day we met.


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