Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sucker For BootS!!!

Miami weather can be pretty unpredictable in the winter time ,and spring. But in the summer time you know for 3 months straight its going be blazing hot!!! thats where my boots come in. no matter how insane the weather can get you will always catch me in some type of boots. my current obssession is my Cowboy brown boots that i bought in Wet Seal about a year ago. i can put those puppies with any outfit. i cant help myself! Now winter is on its way and i cannot wait to take out my knee high boots. Im going to rock them like i havent worn them since last december. Today i received a wonderful email from Charlotte Russe promoting their Boots ,and of course i to take a peek. Well , I WANT THEM ALL! to be exact three of them i would love to own. i will own a new pair of boots this winter ,and they shall become my obssesion. in the mean time i will just dream shop.


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