Tuesday, September 28, 2010

T-3 days!!!!! & Bachelorette bliss!

( Popa in Vegas)

( Me in my 2nd celebration)

For the last two weekends Ive been celebrating my bachelorette. My maid of honor jessia did an outstanding job in planning it all. last weekend we went to the Bahamas for two days. I LOVED IT! soooooooo relaxing ,and fun with the girls. i had such an amazing time in the Bahamas with jess,michi,mel,Caro,Janet,Milli,Sabri and Monica that i wish i was back there. Then this past weekend i had the "real" bachelorette. yes! we went to La bares... at first i didn't want the stripper kinda of thing but when we got to the strip club it was sooooooooooo much fun. once again my friends are amazing ... they are a blessing. this time around Arelene,Nati,Natalie,Janet,Jess,Sabri,and Max were able to celebrate with me. i had a fantastic time ,and it wasn't at all raunchy.

The boys wen to Vegas. they wanted the whole Vegas experience like the "hangover" they just did what boys to ,and that was alright with me. as i was having my fun johnny was having his fun too.

We have such amazing group of friends that they are truly blessings in my life.

soooooooooooooooooooo.... we are 3 days away from the Biggest moment in my life. My nerves are definitely started to kick in. Tropical Storm is on its way ,and I'm hoping it clears up by friday. oh pleeeeeeeeease let the sunshine ,and the moon brighten up the sky. our location is putting up a tent for our ceremony as it was suppose to be in open air. almost everything is in place just have to set up the favors ,and think of where to sit everyone. all the girls are ready and the boys are ready too.

Tomorrow off from work for a week. i cant wait i need this break.


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