Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Future Mrs. Plata

Day: December 25th

Time 12:30am

Location: our home

for the last 14 years Ive always imagined how i would want to be proposed to. i knew what i didn't want ,and would always verbalize it to him.i knew that i didn't want holidays as it was too predictable. as much as i would think about it i never thought this way. johnny is a very creative person, and thats exactly how he did it. in a very johnny creative way. it was on Christmas ,and although i didn't want a holiday proposal ( that's what i always said) i loved the fact it was on Christmas ,and in front of my whole family. i never expected it at all.... not even when i was watching the video he made for me did it even cross my mind. but as soon as he got on one knee i just started crying intensely ,and thinking " OMG this is happening, this is really happening? is this fake? i dreaming?" and reality set in and EVERYONE in the room was crying ... even retro (my pup) was crying. after 14 years of always dreaming of my proposal day it finally came and i could've not asked for a more memorable amazing proposal. so the planning starts January 1st ( who am i kidding it started the day after we got engaged). the date is set October 1, 2010. now for the fun to begin. Thank you my fiance for an amazing unforgettable proposal. i love you ,and i cant wait to finally become MRS. Plata..

Ps: YES I'm changing my last name!



  1. Congratulations! That's wonderful. You must be so excited.

  2. Hello my lovely! Guess what?

    You won the giveaway! :-)

    When you get the chance, shoot a quick e-mail over to so I can collect your details. Thanks so much for entering and congratulations!