Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Moma bear attack!

What can I say 3rd day in and 2012 already started with lots of emotions. I've turned into a complete Moma/wife bear... Don't get near and I will bite... Well not really but dam these emotions are so controlling.

I've always been a worried wart ( I think that's how it goes) I can't help but to me with my lovely mother being one herself she had passed down that wonderful insane feeling to me.. Thank you mom! Anywho I am completely filled with worries not even worries about me but those around me. I worry about everything ... Did I close the door... Did I turn off the stove ... Is there anything retro ( my pup) can reach that could hurt him?... Is my husband ok? Did he get to work on time ?... Will he be driving out for lunch? ... Should I buy thing or the baby already? Am I behind on my baby stuff? And much much more.... This is a hell of an overwhelming feeling. Thankfully at night I sleep cause I'm exhausted but my goodness in the day I'm nuts my mind does not stop... So what an I to do?... I haven't the serenity prayer on lock... Count to 10 sucks ... Breathe in and out helps my heart stop racing but my mid still on a
Race track. It's crazy they never explained or told me about this part .

For now all I can do is hope it goes away or decreases and pray I will one day be sane one day.


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