Monday, November 8, 2010

Money is the motive

Its work work work in our lives right now. johnny and i have two full-time ,and two part time jobs. some people think we should be all stressed but we are not. we actually love it! johnny is doing what he loves ,and i am as well. psychology and event planning are my two weaknesses. i have an event almost every weekend ,and johnny works every Saturday. right now our priority is to live debt free ,and so far its working. for now our time together will be cut short for a while until the debt turns to zero and then its freedom time. Freedom to live with out debt. everyone has debt some have a little some have a lot ,but some have wisely paid it off and live happily ever after. That's US!!!!!!!



  1. Glad to see you guys are making it work, even with the crazy schedule. Being debt free will be very exciting! And then you can start to work towards saving for amazing vacations and wonderful upgrades for your home and so forth. Just don't burn yourself out too young! :) Best wishes!

  2. hey! i commented you about the rewards on my page :)